Getting Started

  1. Fill out the Registration: If you have questions such as pricing, all of the pricing is listed under payments unless you have more than one keiki or you are looking for full or part-time childcare. For all of your questions that can not be answered from our website, we need a Registration Form, this will help us to best assist your needs and save time before calling.  You will only need to fill out one Registration Form per family. Once you are Registered, you only need to call / text / or email for future bookings, you do not need to fill out a new Registration form each time. 
  2. On the Registration "Check" that you have read the Waiver & Liability Form.
  3. There is a yearly Registration Fee of $25 for Hawaii Residents/ $35 for Non-Residents. Please pay the Registration Fee on you first time booking with us, or you have not used our service in a year. *Beginning February 2016
  4. Booking: Please book by 7pm the night prior, we will try to accommodate same day bookings, however we cannot guarantee we will have availability for calls the same day. For School Closings and Breaks, it is always best to book in advance.
  5. Payments: Please look at the Rates for your Daily Rate and or/Family Rate. For Family Rates, the children must be siblings in the same family. Please proceed to our PayPal to book your Keiki. All Payments must be in by 7pm the night prior to hold your Keiki’s booking. Please inquire for pricing before 8am or after 5pm. If you are unsure about the price for your keiki, please call in advance.
    PayPal: You do not need a “PayPal Account” to book, select “Do Not Have a PayPal Account”.
  6. You may add in your booking instructions on the provided line in PayPal, or send us a separate email or text message with your booking information.
  7. Cancellations: We do not accept cancellations, give refunds or credit days. 
  8. Late Fee: There is a $5 late fee if you are late picking up your keiki from their scheduled time. 
  9. Since Playgrounds is a Nanny & Babysitting Referral Service, we are mobile and do not have a public office or location. We will be happy to meet with you to answer your questions or meet some of our sitters.
  10. If you are on a 4 week payment plan more than three months, you must give us a 2-4 week notice of any changes to your schedule that effects your next payment. 







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  • Please note any health issues or Allergies for each child
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New Rates 2018 
Keiki 3 months to 4 years of age  — $9.00 hour pre-booked
Keiki 5 years of age to 11 — $7.00 hour pre-booked
All Keiki SAME DAY drop in rate is $10hr. 
Please inquire for Family Rates and discounted rates booking full or part-time care.
Your booking is only secured by paying via our PayPal.
Please read all guidelines before making a payment.
No information is sent out until your booking has been finalized. 
***Do not make payments for $20 or less on PayPal. 
***Please call  808.673.5087 if you are a new parent and have not booked with us before. If you are new, please fill out a Registration Form before calling, this will help us to best assist you. 



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What to Bring

It is best to pack as light as possible, one bag or backpack, lunch, snacks, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, and please inquire if you would like to bring a stroller.
*Please have your Keiki’s name on all their items, and the Parents contact information in their lunch box.